By the time I started kindergarten, I knew I'd be a writer.

But after college, afraid I was too outgoing for an often isolated occupation, I got a Master's in Counseling Psychology. In a decade as a career counselor, I saw clients, presented seminars, and wrote three books and dozens of business articles.

Shifting into full-time writing, I covered workplace stress, environmental problems, and entrepreneurship. Early in 1998, a medical center in my hometown asked me to research and write a lengthy in-house newsletter. Over the months I interviewed 20 of their surgeons, I discovered I'd found the ideal vocation.

For health and health care media, I explore (and explain) areas which fascinate me -- from complementary medicine to rare diseases to new treatments for cancer. I write print and on-line consumer health pieces; features for physicians, nurses, and other health care providers; and management articles for trade publications in pharmacy, long term care, medicine, and some science areas.

I'm often asked to meld my past and present specialties in career-related assignments -- profiles of innovators in health and science, as well as how-to features for those fields. Gradually, my "green" passion led me into covering topics from 'natural' burial to environmental careers to curbing emissions.

Career counseling provided strong interviewing, listening, and creative problem-solving skills. Business writing experience helps me grasp the managerial and financial concerns of all sorts of employment entities.

Enthusiastic, curious, and reverent about deadlines, I'm happily writing articles, newsletters, web site copy - even an occasional speech or ghostwriting assignment. Please explore my site to see samples of my work.

I look forward to talking with you about how I can contribute!


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