Auto-Immune Diseases

Studies Show: Good News for Shoulders

Recovery from rotator cuff surgery often surprisingly slow, but steady
November, 2011
Arthritis Today

Skipping Your Meds?

Learn what motivates - or demotivates - you to stick with a medication plan, plus six tips to better adherence
Arthritis Today
September 2012

The Mechanics of Biomedicine

How implants for artificial shoulders, knees, hips and wrists are constantly evolving
Mechanical Engineering
May 2011

Can Arthroplasty's Costs Be Controlled

Managed Care,
March, 2011

The Sonya Slifka Legacy

A longitudinal study of how MS affects people's day-to-day lives
Inside MS  (members' magazine of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society)
April/May 2005

New Wrist Fix Shows Promise

Recent FDA-approved wrist prosthesis is claimed to increase wrist motion while preserving more bone
Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor
March, 2003

Ankle Replacement

The latest treatments for severe ankle arthritis
Cornell - Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
June, 2003

Minimally Invasive Surgery For Knee Replacement

A new approach brings quicker recovery
Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor
November, 2003

Lupus And A Woman's Hormones

Recent research, including the large SELENA Trial
May, 2000

Dehydrated? Learn the Latest About Sjogren's Syndrome

For Medscape
May, 2000

Sjogren's Syndrome: Unraveling The Mystery

Cornell - Weill Medical College
Women's Health Adviser
April, 2001

How Occupational Therapy Helps Arthritis Patients

June, 2000

Physical Therapy and the Arthritis Sufferer

July, 2000

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