Thirsty Business

Why and how organizations should assess their water use, risk and exposure involving this crucial, dwindling resource
Risk Management Magazine
February 2015

The Disaster Detectives

What FEMA's special forensic investigators accomplish right after a massive disaster
Risk Management Magazine
May 2015

Can Arthroplasty's Costs Be Controlled

Managed Care,
March, 2011

Can Self-Management Programs Ease Chronic Conditions?

Patient benefits and cost-effectiveness of self-help programs based on the Stanford model
Managed Care
January 2011

Caregivers In The Crosshairs

Employers' responsibilities to workers involved in caregiving
Risk Management, August 2008

What Ails Workplace Wellness Programs?

Why even the best-intended don't get the hoped-for participation
Risk Management Magazine
June 2007

Can Lowering Energy Use Raise Profits and Productivity?

Suggestions and successes from a range of employers
Risk Management Magazine
June 2006

Atrial Fibrillation: 5 Million Suffer With Erratic Heartbeat

new medical devices to treat the condition
Medical Technology Investment Sentinel
December, 2006


How leading companies are skillfully using this popular medium
AREA Magazine
Spring, 2006


How to appeal to growing consumer interest in environmental issues
AREA Magazine
Spring, 2006

Industrial Ingenuity: The Renewable Resource

an introduction to Industrial Ecology
Risk Management Magazine
March 2006

Banking on Biology

A botanist makes commercial lending environmentally valuable
The Scientist
May 23, 2005

The Benefits of Post-Crisis Counseling

How to plan and prepare for helping your staff through a traumatic event
Risk Management Magazine
May, 2005

Being There: Can Coming To Work Be A Risk?

The basics of presenteeism
Risk Management Magazine
November, 2005

The Ultimate Capitalist: Ken Walker Trademarks the Millennium

January, 2000

Corcoran. com

An interview with Barbara Corcoran, real estate legend
April, 2000

More Than Merely A Resting Place

innovative marketing at historic Greenwood Cemetery
American Cemetery
February, 2004

The 10 Most Wanted Marketing Tips

DJ Times
June, 2000

Fiscal Fitness: Creative Fundraising For New Programs and Services

Fresh approaches that have succeeded, for specific projects
Best Practices in Aging Services
January/February, 2003

Hire An Advisory Board -- For Free

how a small business can get expert advice
for (web site of the US Chamber of Commerce)
November, 2000

Handing It Over

delegating 101 for the entrepreneur
for (web site of the US Chamber of Commerce)
September, 2000

Facing A Pointed Dispute

alternatives to costly law-suits
for (web site of the US Chamber of Commerce)
May, 2000

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