Complementary/Alternative Care

Less Pain, Lower Cost: Can Integrative Medicine Do Both?

A look at successful new pain management methods
March, 2012

Can Self-Management Programs Ease Chronic Conditions?

Patient benefits and cost-effectiveness of self-help programs based on the Stanford model
Managed Care
January 2011

Viagra For Women?

Will a new supplement enhance women's sexual fitness?
Retail Pharmacy News
June, 2000

How Yoga Is Being Incorporated Into Cancer Center Offerings

An alternative approach for a growing number of cancer patients
Oncology Times
March, 2002

Alternative Approaches to Job-Related Ailments

An introduction to complementary and alternative treatments
For Your Benefit
(newsletter for California union members)
May, 2004

Global Value of Zinc Supplements

Retail Pharmacy News
July, 2000

Surprising Exercises To Help Your Eyes

Food & Fitness Advisor (Cornell Medical Center)
July, 2002

The Surprising Benefits of Massage

Cornell- Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
May, 2001

How Safe Are Supplements?

What's really inside those bottles of vitamins and minerals, and who's checking?
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
July, 2001

How Occupational Therapy Helps Arthritis Patients

assignment for
June, 2000

Physical Therapy and the Arthritis Sufferer

assignment for
July, 2000

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