Consumer Health

Can Self-Management Programs Ease Chronic Conditions?

Patient benefits and cost-effectiveness of self-help programs based on the Stanford model
Managed Care
January 2011

Skipping Your Meds?

Learn what motivates - or demotivates - you to stick with a medication plan, plus six tips to better adherence
Arthritis Today
September 2012

Seniors and Seizures

Care and treatment can make seizures manageable for older adults
May, 2001

Overuse Exercise Injuries: Too Much, Too Soon

For Medscape
January, 2000

Stay Fit On The Road

Ways to keep in shape while you travel
Cornell - Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
August, 2001

On-Line Can Be A Lifeline

How computer access benefits seniors
April, 2001

A Changing Impulse: Will To Live Fluctuates In Terminally Ill Patients

February, 2001

Here's How To Exercise When You Travel

Tips for disabled readers
September, 2000

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