Health Professions

The Health Benefits Dilemma: Pay or Play

How will employers of 50 or more respond to ACA's requirements -- or penalties?
Risk Management Magazine
June 2013

Helping Children Understand Loss

How a nurse at a Tennessee hospital uses Sesame Street puppets for grieving children
Memorial Business Journal
September 2012

Can Self-Management Programs Ease Chronic Conditions?

Patient benefits and cost-effectiveness of self-help programs based on the Stanford model
Managed Care
January 2011

Giving Members a Say in Benefit Plan Design

Group Health Cooperative and Geisinger Health Plan are getting their members involved in exploring coverage issues
Managed Care
July 2011

Can Arthroplasty's Costs Be Contained?

New clinical procedures, insurance approaches and an evolving role for patients may help control the soaring costs of joint replacement
Managed Care
March 2011

Blazing A New Trail for An Aging Population

Profile of an osteopathic innovator and leading educator
Rensselaer Alumni Magazine
Summer, 2006

What's Being Said About Your Hospital On the Web?

Protecting your medical center's reputation in social media
Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine
April, 2010

Creative Ways to Energize Your Career

Enriching your job full-time science job
AAAS Careers
August, 2008

Serving Those Who Served

profile of Amanda Turner Magee, physician assistant at Walter Reed Army Medical Center 
Yale Medicine magazine
Autumn, 2007

Narcotics Abuse in Correctional Facilities

American Journal Of Nursing
January, 2006

Facing the Sars Epidemic

interview with the nurse who created an instant SARS ward when Toronto was struck by the epidemic
Nurses World
September, 2003

Ethnogerontology: The Psychology of Ethnicity and Age

A new center exploring how the interplay of culture and age affects mental health
Science & Health
Spring, 2000

Special Treatment and Research in HIV

An ambitious program to increase HIV screening during pregnancy in New York City
Science & Health
Spring, 2000

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