Long Term Care

Chronic Disease Self-Management for Seniors

Evidence-based programs that are making a difference
Leading Age
November, 2011

Blazing A New Trail for An Aging Population

Profile of an osteopathic innovator and leading educator
Rensselaer Alumni Magazine
Summer, 2006

Flower Power

How nature affects people physically, emotionally and cognitively
FuturAge, August 2008

Outdoor Spaces For Activity and Community

innovative approaches for getting seniors outside and exercising
July/August, 2005

Building A Culture of Wellness

How to plan, staff and operate a fitness center for senior citizens,
and the rewards of starting one
Best Practices In Aging Services
Spring, 2002

A New Light on Dining In Patients With Alzheimer's Disease

Simple changes in place settings, contrasts and illumination improve nutrition and      social interaction
Long-Term Care Interface (cover story)
August, 2004

Fiscal Fitness: Creative Fundraising For New Programs and Services

Fresh approaches that have succeeded, for specific projects
Best Practices in Aging Services
January/February, 2003

Design Concepts That Spur Social Interaction

Can a physical environment subtly encourage seniors to mingle?
Best Practices In Aging Services
July/August, 2003

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