What's Inside Patent Medicines?

Any truth to those snake oil legends? A study analyzed the contents of century-old apothecary jars from the Henry Ford Museum.
Pharmacy Practice News
July 2013

Human Factors Inhibit Medication Adherence

Some innovative approaches to improving compliance
Managed Care
December, 2011

Specialist Pharmacists Make Adherence Matter

A PBM's 'gap-in-care' approach saves $900 million by targeting 15 chronic conditions
Managed Care
October, 2011

Why Is That Pill Blue?

The art and science of choosing medication colors
Pharmacy Today
May 2012

Profile: Jim Carlson, Pharm D

A Group Health pharmacist and MTM practitioner
Pharmacy Today
September, 2011

Pharmacists at Heart of Heart Failure Program

Jefferson University Hospital's highly effective readmission reduction program
Pharmacy Practice News
January, 2012

Museum Spans Three Centuries of Apothecary Service

Profile of Apothecary Museum, Alexandria VA
Pharmacy Practice News
July, 2008

Bellevue Hospital: The Birthplace of Formulary Medicine?

Pharmacy Practice News
June, 2004

Clinical Pharmacists' Impact on Transplant Patients

How University of Georgia pharmacists are improving compliance rates
Pharmacy Practice Management
February, 2004

Prospects Brighten for Pharmacists In Recovery

Detecting and treating addiction among practicing pharmacists
Retail Pharmacy Management
February, 2003

Viagra For Women?

Will a new supplement enhance women's sexual fitness?
Retail Pharmacy News
June, 2000

RX for Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

Retail Pharmacy News
June, 2002

New Genetic Test for Skin Care and Nutritional Products

Retail Pharmacy News
April, 2002

A '70s-Style Pharmacy Enters The Millennium

A profile of Community Pharmacy in Madison, WI
American Druggist
November, 1999

Carrying A Torch For Education

Health advocates and big pharma team to teach women about menopause
Pharmaceutical Executive
June, 2001

Global Value of Zinc Supplements

Retail Pharmacy News
July, 2000

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