Science Careers

Solar Oven Solving Housing Needs

Engineering students make plastic bricks to produce low-cost housing in Haitian crisis
ASME Careers
July 2015

Managing the Diverse Workforce

How to handle the special responsibilities of supervising people from very different backgrounds
Mechanical Engineering
October 2012

Spotlight: Entertainment Engineering

How are all those complicated, amazing machines for entertainment spectacles created, planned and built? The specialty field of entertainment engineering imagines and produces them.
Mechanical Engineering
August 2012

Do You Know the Drill?

A look at booming careers in an exceptionally high-paying field: petroleum engineering in the most active oil exploration zones
Mechanical Engineering
November, 2012

How to Create an Outstanding Grant Application

Learn how to prepare a proposal with the greatest potential for winning that grant
Mechanical Engineering
August 2012

The Long-Distance Mentor

How to find and work with the right mentor across several time zones
Mechanical Engineering
September 2012

Keeping Your Team Motivated Over Long Projects

An inside look at maintaining an entire team's interest and enthusiasm during a lengthy collaboration
Mechanical Engineering
October 2012

Consulting: Equal Opportunity Employment?

It was traditionally a man's world. What are today's realistic options and possibilities for women hoping to enter and succeed in consulting?
Mechanical Engineering
September 2011

Young Women In Science

a) Ministering to the Needs of a Nation
b) The Romance of Biodiversity
c) Folk Medicine for the 21st Century
L'Oreal/UNESCO booklet in collaboration with AAAS
May, 2009

How Women Engineer Safety

Where are the opportunities and rewards for women in a growing specialty?
Mechanical Engineering
March 2012

Women In Science: Finding New Pathways

a) Molecular Biology: Exploring the Basic Units of Life
b) Immunology: The Powers of Proteins
L'Oreal Foundation and AAAS Science Magazine
September, 2010

Lab Management: The Human Elements

How to handle the new responsibilities that come with attaining your own lab
AAAS Careers Magazine
March, 2010

Go With The Flow: A Wave of Water-Related Opportunities

AAAS Careers Magazine
May, 2010

Venturing Into New Ventures

how bio-entrepreneurs can launch a business
AAAS Science Careers
July, 2009


It's Getting Easy to Be Green: Jobs In Green Science

AAAS Careers Magazine
April 2009

Finding New Money

smart strategies for getting grants in a tough economy
The Scientist
April 2009
Finding New Money :The Scientist [2009-04-01]*

Creative Ways to Energize Your Career

how to enrich your activities while keeping a faculty position
AAAS Careers Magazine
December 2008


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