Make a Display of Yourself -- Safely

How to design and create a wide range of innovative, attention-getting displays, while controlling all the risk factors
Risk Management Magazine
July 2013

Turning Toward the Sun

Lower costs and reduced energy use are two of the incentives of solar energy for funeral homes
The Director (National Funeral Directors Association)
February 2013

E-Life After Death

Everything a person has on-line can remain posted permanently unless steps are taken ahead of time. Expert advice on how to protect personal data.
The Director (National Funeral Directors Association)
August 2012

Fish Fins Inspire Agile Robots

The sophisticated design, abilities and agility of fish fins is inspiring a Drexel University science team to create aquatic robots for a variety of underwater functions.
Mechanical Engineering
October, 2012

LEGOs Train Young Scientists

They’re intuitive, easy, fun to use, familiar ­ and they inspire ingenuity. That’s why Stevens Institute of Technology is harnessing LEGOs to teach underwater robot design to school-age aspiring ocean engineers.
Mechanical Engineering
November, 2012

Spotlight: Entertainment Engineering

How are all those complicated, amazing machines for entertainment spectacles created, planned and built? The specialty field of entertainment engineering imagines and produces them.
Mechanical Engineering
August 2012

Cremation Emissions: How Much Do They Harm the Environment?

American Cemetery
April, 2007

What's Being Said About Your Hospital On the Web?

Protecting your medical center's reputation in social media
Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine
April, 2010

TIM: A Quantum Leap in MRI

The latest advance from Siemens Medical
Medical Solutions magazine (cover story)
January, 2003

New Genetic Test for Skin Care and Nutritional Products

Retail Pharmacy News
April, 2002

New Wrist Fix Shows Promise

FDA-approved prosthesis increases wrist motion
Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor
March, 2003

Mini-Incision Knee Replacement Arrives

Less pain, faster recovery, reduced scarring are benefits of small-incision
Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor
November, 2003

New Window on Breast Cancer

Tomosynthesis may improve diagnosis
Women's Health Advisor, Cornell-Weill Medical Center
October, 2003

What Are They Doing to Our Food?

Biotechnology on our plates
Health Beat (Association of Health Care Journalists)
May, 2004

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