Women's Health

New Window on Breast Cancer

How a new imaging technique may aid in diagnosis
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Women's Health Advisor
October, 2003

What Kind of Diet Works Best?

A two-year study compares results of specialized counseling, commercial diet program, and self-directed weight management.
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Adviser
November, 2003

Sexual Health: Use It or Lose It

The latest treatments for sexual problems
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Women's Health Advisor
July, 2002

Choosing A "Leak-Proof" Diet

How certain foods and beverages contribute to incontinence
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
May, 2003

The 'Skinny' On Wrinkle-Curing Foods

Interview with controversial Dr. Nicholas Perricone,
and two prominent dermatologists
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
July, 2002

What Are They Doing to Our Food?

Biotechnology on our plates
Health Beat (Association of Health Care Journalists) May, 2004

The Anti-Aging Genetic Test

new ways to identify skin care or nutritional products to help reduce wrinkling
Women's Health Adviser
Cornell Medical Center
May, 2002

Resisting Osteoporosis

How exercise and stength training rebuild bone
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
February, 2001

Subjectivity Challenges Breast Cancer Exams and Diagnosis

Debating the pro's and con's of mammography
Medscape 1999

Sleep Soundly Through Menopause

An array of remedies for sleep disruptions
Medscape 2000

Mid-Life Stroke

How to recognize and prevent a dangerous condition
Cornell-Weill Medical College
Food & Fitness Advisor
October, 2001

Kinder, Gentler Treatment of Fibroids

A new treatment is quick, uses local anesthesia, and has
women back at work in one week
April, 2001

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